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your new neighborhood door knocker
Your New Neighborhood’s Relationship Marketing Specialist enjoy all the rewards of owning and running a business- the flexible schedule, and tremendous job satisfaction but without all the pains that can come with being a “solo-preneur” because guess what? You are not in it alone! We offer you our complete support! We are a well-oiled machine and have all the “kinks” worked out for you! So if you are serious about the responsibility and rewards that come from owning a business or if you know of someone looking for a new career, then be sure to contact us to learn more!


your new neighborhood door knocker

  • Unlimited income potential
  • Little to no money needed to get started
  • You managing your protected territory
  • Flexible schedule for family and personal pursuits
  • Creative outlet for building and implementing new ideas
  • Community involvement opportunities
  • Economically resilient industry
  • Unique market niche
  • Increasingly desired service
Full training including:

  • Weekly guidance and educational call
  • Onsite training

Professional support provided by the YNN home office:

  • Production
  • Design
  • Accounting
  • Printing
  • Advertising Creative

We are committed to giving our new Relationship Marketing Specialist all the tools they need to succeed and the confidence that comes along with that.

Looking for a New Career?

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“My passion is helping people and business owners succeed! We offer what is missing in most advertising today…that personal referral.”