Johnson County, TX

your new neighborhood door knocker
Johnson county is a bustling area with humble beginnings but you take a drive down the main corridor and you will quickly see that is not the case anymore!

With it’s proximity to the major cities in DFW, more and more young and old keep pouring in; these new homeowners are loving the small-town atmosphere but with all the conveniences of the big city!

We specifically deliver our gift bags to Burleson, Cleburne, and Joshua. We are also very active in the Burleson & Cleburne chambers to help us keep our pulse on the ever-growing Johnson County area…we want to make sure our new homeowners are up to date on ALL the happenings!

We are also proud to say we have been greeting the new homeowners, in Johnson County, for over 14 years!

I, the founder of Your New Neighborhood, am privileged to continue serving not only the new homeowners, but the local businesses in the best way possible; by my very own grown-up version of show & tell!

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your new neighborhood door knocker
your new neighborhood gift bagThis is your best new patient, customer or client just waiting to get to know you and your business! Contact us today to learn more about our services and see how we can benefit you. The new homeowners appreciate your support and direction!

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